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  • June.28th to June.30th of 2022, the ‘Battery Show Europe’ is held successfully at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany


  • Your old friend Zhejiang Hangke Technology will introduce to you what the material of lithium battery is today. Our series of products with High Performance Lithium Cell Test System 8 Channels and other standards have become industry models, and buyers from all over the world are welcome to wholesale and purchase.


  • The authoritative expert in the field of lithium battery equipment - Zhejiang Hangke Technology Incorporated Company will explain the recovery and reuse of new energy vehicle power lithium ion batteries for you today. Our series of high-quality products represented by Sorting Equipment For Pouch Lithium Power Cell have become a model in the industry, and buyers from all over the world are welcome to wholesale and buy! As more and more countries attach importance to environmental protection, new energy vehicles are being developed and promoted in more and more countries.


  • The leader in the field of lithium battery - Zhejiang Hangke Technology today introduces you to the international "competition" of lithium battery equipment to start a wave! Our Lithium cell production and battery manufacturing equipment series brand has been recognized by the international market for its advanced production technology and superior quality! At present, a new round of global power battery capacity expansion continues, and the scale is also considerable, which will drive a new round of demand for lithium battery equipment.


  • Lithium-ion batteries have a certain pressure inside the battery during the charging and discharging process (experience data 0.3-0.6 MPa). Under the same pressure, the larger the force area, the more serious the deformation of the battery shell wall. An important reason for the expansion of the battery:


  • An expert in lithium battery production and testing equipment - Zhejiang Hangke Technology is here today to tell you what performance testing equipment lithium ion batteries have. Our High Performance Lithium Power Cell Test System What kind of performance test equipment is there for lithium-ion batteries?