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Product Application

Lithium ion cell production and battery manufacturing equipment, tester, logistic and management software system.

Our Factory

3 intelligent productions bases covering a total of 500000 m²

Our Certificate

Company with ISO certificate and equipment with CE and UL certificate.

Our service

24/7 fast after-sales service.

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About Us

Zhejiang Hangke Technology Incorporated Company(CHR Group)was initially founded in 1984 and successfully listed on SSE STAR Market in 2019. With more than 30 years of expertise, focus and continuous innovation, Hangke has built a global network of operations and services to provide customers with the overall solution of Lithium Cell, Lithium Cell Testing Equipment, Battery Production Line.

With professional expertise, lean management and service, Hangke is trusted by global leading players in the industry like Samsung SDI, LG Chem, SKI, Sony (Murakata), Panasonic, Toyota, Kyocera, TDK, CATL, BYD, ATL, EVE, CALB, Gotion High-tech, Farasis, COSMX, JEVE, Microvast, Lishen, Wanxiang A123, BAK, SUNWODA etc.
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