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What kind of performance test equipment is there for lithium-ion batteries?


An expert in lithium battery production and testing equipment - Zhejiang Hangke Technology is here today to tell you what performance testing equipment lithium ion batteries have.
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What kind of performance test equipment is there for lithium-ion batteries? In today's lithium-ion battery production, in order to ensure the production quality of the final lithium-ion battery, various professional measuring instruments are usually used to measure the size of the lithium-ion battery, so as to ensure the final specification and standard level of the lithium-ion battery. At this time, lithium battery detection equipment is used.

The performance test of lithium-ion batteries is mainly the test of battery capacity, efficiency, rate, high temperature performance, low temperature performance, storage performance, internal resistance, etc. The equipment used for the test is a battery performance test system. The lithium-ion battery performance test system consists of two parts: hardware and software. The battery test cabinet is mainly used to test the capacity, efficiency, rate, and internal resistance of the battery.

The performance test of lithium-ion battery mainly includes voltage, internal resistance, capacity, internal pressure, self-discharge rate, cycle life, sealing performance, safety performance, storage performance, appearance, etc. Others include overcharge, overdischarge, solderability, resistance Corrosive etc.

When choosing a lithium-ion battery test system, the capacity range and required voltage range of the battery or lithium-ion battery pack to be tested should be considered. According to the current range, the lithium-ion battery test system can be divided into micro-current range equipment and high-current range equipment. The current range of the micro-current range equipment is several milliamps to several amperes. For example, blue electric products have test equipment with multiple ranges such as 1mA, 2mA, SmA, 10mA, 100mA, 500mA, 1000mA, 1800mA, 3000mA, and 5000mA; large current ranges The current range of the test equipment is from a few amperes to several hundred amperes.

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