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The basic structure of a square lithium battery


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A typical prismatic lithium battery, the main components include: top cover, case, positive plate, negative plate, separator laminated or winding, insulating parts, safety components, etc. Among them, the two in the red circle are safety structures, NSD acupuncture safety device; OSD overcharge protection device. Our Grading System for Pouch Lithium Power Cell is your perfect choice!
Acupuncture safety protection device (NSD, Nail Safety Device). This is a metal layer, such as copper foil, is added to the outermost surface of the core. When acupuncture occurs, the local large current generated at the acupuncture location quickly reduces the current per unit area through the large area of the copper sheet, which can prevent local overheating of the acupuncture location and slow down the occurrence of battery thermal runaway.
Overcharge Safety Device (OSD, Overcharge Safety Device), currently this safety design can be seen on many batteries. Generally it is a metal sheet, used in conjunction with the fuse, the fuse can be designed on the positive current collector, the pressure generated inside the battery during overcharge causes the OSD to trigger an internal short circuit, which generates an instantaneous high current, so that the fuse is blown, thereby cutting off the internal current loop of the battery.
The shell is generally a steel shell or an aluminum shell. As the market is driven by the pursuit of energy density and the progress of the production process, the aluminum shell has gradually become the mainstream.

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