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What is the difference between a prismatic battery and a cylindrical battery


At present, in the power battery industry, most car companies and battery manufacturers use three solutions: round batteries, prismatic batteries, and soft-pack batteries. Previously, due to the high production cost of cylindrical batteries, Tesla has also become the only car company in the industry that uses cylindrical batteries as power battery modules.
Nowadays, the cost of manufacturing cylindrical batteries has fallen, and the cost advantages of power batteries from other manufacturers have basically been completely lost.
As early as 2008, Tesla decided to use cylindrical batteries in Roadster models. At that time, people dismissed it. In addition to questioning the energy density and high cost of cylindrical batteries, they also questioned the electric car itself. the value of. However, people's stereotypes have now been broken.
Tesla and its suppliers have continuously reduced the cost of cylindrical batteries, which can be said to have refreshed people's traditional concepts. However, Tesla is still not satisfied, and wants to reduce the cost of batteries, or else it will produce batteries by itself.
Cylindrical, prismatic, soft case, and button batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Low cost and long life are the key
Tesla initially chose cylindrical batteries, and currently plans to partially convert them to prismatic batteries. In fact, the key factors are cost and lifespan. At present, the four common battery products in the battery industry can actually be applied to electric vehicles, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturers will also consider cost and lifespan.
At present, the common batteries can be divided into four types in terms of appearance, namely, round batteries, button batteries, prismatic batteries, and soft-pack batteries. Among them, round batteries, prismatic batteries and soft-pack batteries can all be well used in electric vehicles. We produce quality Capacity Grading System For Prismatic Lithium Power Cell.

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