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Requirements for Lithium Cell Testing Equipment


Requirements for Lithium cell testing equipment:

1. Improve the efficiency of energy utilization, while the discharge has the functions of constant current discharge, constant power discharge, and constant resistance discharge. Give users a variety of discharge methods to choose from.

2. More precise control of the charge and discharge cycle. In order to shorten the charging time, most users first choose the constant current charging mode, and then switch to the constant voltage charging mode. This requires precise control of the conversion between constant current mode and constant voltage mode to avoid overshoot.

3. During charging or discharging, the heat generated by energy loss will cause drift, which will affect the accuracy and safety of the system. If the temperature of the battery exceeds the rated value, the battery life may be shortened. In the worst case, an excessively high temperature may cause the battery to rupture or even catch fire. For these reasons, it is necessary to monitor and control the temperature of the lithium battery cell during the charge and discharge cycle.

4. Reduce test costs in order to compete with other types of batteries. In addition to the cost of the tester itself, test time and energy consumption are also an important part of the test cost. The design of Lithium cell testing equipment requires the use of advanced structures and technologies to reduce costs without affecting accuracy.

Lithium cell testing equipment

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