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Maintenance of DCIR Tester for Prismatic Lithium Power Cell


Maintenance of  DCIR Tester for Prismatic Lithium Power Cell

The maintenance of the DCIR Tester for Prismatic Lithium Power Cell is a very complicated task. Here is the maintenance and maintenance of the main appliance test system.

1. Careful daily maintenance is essential to ensure the normal operation of battery test equipment
Routine maintenance may seem simple, but it is not taken seriously, and it is easy to be ignored; and in many cases, big problems are often accumulated by small problems. It is necessary to actively cooperate with equipment users to keep the surface of the instrument clean; check whether the voltage and power supply are normal before use; pay attention to observe whether the function of the instrument is normal during use and fill in the use record. Develop good habits during daily maintenance to avoid damage.

2. When the equipment fails, it is necessary to do a good job of information collection and preparation before repair; including the model, factory number, time of the failure, whether there is any abnormal sound when the failure occurs, whether there has been a sudden power failure, whether the instrument has been moved, etc. .

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the DCIR Tester for Prismatic Lithium Power Cell, pay attention to the sequence during the process of disassembling the equipment, and do not use brute force to forcibly disassemble. The disassembled fastening screws, small parts, etc. should not be placed randomly, and should be placed separately to avoid loss. After the equipment is repaired and installed, it will be restored step by step in the reverse order and there will be no extra parts. Damaged parts should also be marked and restored after replacement, without making mistakes.

4. After the repair work is completed, clean the surface of the instrument and turn on the power to see if it can work normally. Calibrate the instrument and restore it to its normal working state, and then give it to the user to try it out to see if the battery tester is back to its original working state.
DCIR Tester for Prismatic Lithium Power Cell