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The Importance of Lithium Battery Testing


1. The occurrence of spontaneous combustion incidents in new energy vehicles has led users to attach great importance to the safety of new energy vehicles, and power battery testing is one of the requirements for users to be assured of new energy vehicles.

2. Although the current development of new energy vehicle batteries is very fast, there are still many unstable factors in the new energy vehicle market, so the reliability of Lithium power cell testing system has always been concerned by the public, and the safety can be said to have always been new energy vehicles The bottom line needs to be maintained for development.

3. For new energy battery manufacturers, Lithium power cell testing system is very necessary, because the power batteries of current new energy vehicle manufacturers are inevitably uneven in product technology, such as being unable to withstand high and low temperatures. Various accidents, and the power battery detection is to ensure the safety of the power battery.

4. Since the beginning of the new energy vehicle boom, all new energy vehicle manufacturers across the country rely on different methods to get close to the edge of the rationalization of subsidies, seeking government subsidies, but unreasonably testing the quality of their own batteries. There is no complete battery test for the power battery of new energy vehicles, and it is applied to new energy vehicles without professional Lithium power cell testing system, which will lead to potential safety hazards of new energy vehicle batteries and consumers driving on the road. If the time is too fast, it may detonate potential safety hazards. Therefore, the importance of power battery testing has become more and more intense.

5. Only by comprehensively testing and evaluating the ability of power batteries and providing safe and reliable batteries can the potential safety hazards of new energy vehicles be reduced and the normal use of products guaranteed. The power battery detection system was born for it.

Lithium power cell testing system

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