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Maintenance of Lithium Cell Testing Equipment


Maintenance method of lithium battery testing equipment

1. Visual inspection firstly check whether the buttons, switches, connectors and sockets of the instrument are loose and misplaced, whether the contacts of the plugs and sockets are oxidized, rusted or have poor contact, whether the power cord is aging, whether the heat dissipation and exhaust are normal, and all kinds of grounding Whether the connection between the connection and the pipeline is good.

2. It is to clean the surface of the instrument and the internal electrical parts and mechanical parts, including cleaning the filter screen and related pipes, cleaning the related plugs and sockets of the instrument to prevent poor contact, and lubricate the necessary mechanical parts.

3. The components that have reached their service life and performance degradation, substandard components or parts that require regular replacement as specified in the instruction manual should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent possible failures from expanding or causing complete machine failures. When the battery is under-charged, the relevant personnel should be urged to charge regularly to eliminate obvious and potential equipment failures.

4. Turn on and check whether the indicators and indicators are normal, and enter each function setting by adjusting and setting each switch and button to check whether the basic functions of the equipment are normal. Through the simulation test, check whether the various alarm functions of the equipment are normal.

5. Test the voltage value of each DC power supply, the voltage value or waveform of the test point in the circuit, and perform the necessary calibration and adjustment according to the requirements of the manual to ensure that the technical indicators of the instrument meet the standards and ensure that the instrument is in medical diagnosis and treatment. the quality of.

6. Check whether the frame is firm, whether the mechanical operation is normal, whether the connecting parts are loose, fall off or broken; check whether the various leads, plugs, connectors, etc. are damaged, whether the grounding wire is firm, whether the grounding resistance and leakage current Within the allowable limit.

Lithium cell testing equipment

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