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Causes of Errors in Lithium Battery Testing Equipment


Reasons for errors in the detection of batteries by Lithium cell testing equipment:

1. The error caused by the accessories of the instrument and the instrument itself is the error caused by the imperfect mechanical performance of the equipment. The errors caused by the zero offset, inaccurate scale, and non-linearity of instruments and meters are all instrument errors.

2. The measurement method used is not perfect, the theoretical basis is not rigorous, and some classical measurement methods have been inappropriately modified to simplify the errors generated, that is, all the factors that are not reflected in the expression of the measurement results, and these factors The error caused when it works again.

3. Errors caused by the limitation of human sensory organs and motor organs will introduce personal errors for some measurements that require the help of human eyes and ears to determine the results, as well as manual adjustments.

4. Operation error refers to the error caused by improper installation, adjustment, layout, and use during the use of the instrument. For example, the meter that should be placed vertically according to the regulations is placed horizontally, the grounding of the instrument is poor, the loss of the test lead is too long, or impedance matching is not considered, and the measurement is performed without preheating, adjustment, and calibration without following the operating procedures. Produce usage error.

5. Additional errors caused by the influence of temperature, humidity, air pressure, electromagnetic field, sound, light, radioactivity, etc.

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