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The importance of Lithium cell testing equipment


Reasons why lithium battery testing equipment is indispensable

1. Lithium-ion batteries are prone to short-circuits, which can cause burns or explosions under overcharging, etc., and have certain hazards. However, they are assembled with protective plates in applications to form finished batteries; such applications require energy density. Lithium-ion batteries require A lithium-ion battery pack is combined in series and parallel, and managed by BMS.

2. With the explosion of lithium-ion batteries, the importance of lithium-ion battery testing equipment has been highlighted, and lithium-ion battery testing items include functionality, safety, and reliability.

3. The lithium battery detection system can be said to be the core part of the automatic assembly line of lithium-ion battery packs. With the unification of industry standards and the development of automation integration technology, the battery production industry in the future will rapidly develop in the direction of intelligence. The lithium-ion battery detection system is a key link to realize the intelligent manufacturing of the lithium-ion battery production industry.

4. Lithium battery testing equipment can automatically determine, store data and identify defective products, and then screen and isolate, to achieve automatic control of the entire testing process, so that defective products can be well identified and automatically eliminated.

5. The online monitoring equipment solves the problem that the traditional detection method is difficult to increase the actual overall detection output due to the loading tray, feeding and waiting for the end of the battery shaking, and greatly improves the detection efficiency.